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A flexible solution that can be adapted to support multiple enterprise use cases, including business-as-usual and program based initiatives

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What you can do with our program management software

Digital transformation

Preparing to invest in digital enhancements for your organization? Amplify helps deliver the business value from technology investments

  • Goal-driven approach
  • Customizable stage gates
  • Benefits tracking

Revenue growth

Have strategic growth targets? Amplify keeps you on track by focusing on outcomes that matter, providing your team with the insights you need to identify and respond to challenges before they impact your bottom line

  • Organic and inorganic growth
  • KPI and lead indicator tracking
  • Accountability by business unit and geography

Cost optimization

Have a cost-out target that must be delivered? Amplify provides teams with the ability to track progress against savings targets

  • Cost-centre visibility
  • Real time progress against forecast
  • Flexible hierarchical structure

Sustainability initiatives

To meet the expectations of stakeholders who want transparent disclosure, organizations need to be able to clearly track and report on ESG impact, and any improvements delivered by sustainability initiatives

  • Non-financial KPI reporting
  • Sustainability strategy tracking
  • Easy export into sustainability reporting

Post-merger integration

Need to deliver against ambitious synergy targets? Amplify helps guide intergration tasks, track synergy outcomes and optimize ROI through a single, collaborative platform

  • Dependency management
  • Synergy delivery
  • Scenario planning

Risk management

Looking to improve risk visibility, reporting and control? Amplify provides a collaborative, single source of truth to identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor enterprise risks

  • Consolidated risk identification
  • Structured risk assessment
  • Monitor risk mitigation activities
“We have had an incredibly positive response internally to Amplify. It’s a really cool tool and we just love working with it.”
Program Lead
Canadian Energy Infrastructure Company
“Amplify’s ability to provide a single source of truth during our business transformation program was one of the key reasons why we chose the platform.”
Transformation Office Lead
Clinical Research Company
“Amplify helps to create the transparency that we need to steer our company effectively and enables us to react quickly in case of challenges.”
TMO Tool Manager
Industrial Engineering

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