Why Amplify

An easy to implement solution that drives enterprise-wide visibility, accountability and outcomes


Giving you confidence in the information presented by the business, and also enabling you to effectively govern the business

  • Reliability of information
  • C-suite dashboarding
  • Accountability

Senior Executive

Amplify allows you to view data in real-time, saving time and providing efficiencies in the collection, preparation and reporting of information

  • Flexibility by use case
  • Speed to implement
  • Reporting flexibility

Initiative lead

Amplify’s easy to use, intuitive and user friendly software allows you to spend less time digging through data, and more time delivering value

  • Best practice processes
  • Ease of use
  • Security hierarchies

Amplify is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution build on Azure cloud, allowing implementation with minimal disruption to your organisation’s current IT landscape

Use case flexibility

Our solution is flexible to adapt to multiple use cases, processes and reporting requirements. Amplify can be configured to report against the P&L, with financial approvals built in

Speed of implementation

With minimal impact on your ongoing programs and initiatives. It can easily be configured to align to your existing business processes allowing your teams to focus on delivering outcomes

Real time reporting

Immediate access to critical info on strategic programs empowering all levels of the organisation to act on the info

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