Webinar Recap: "Unlocking Cost Optimization: From Visibility to Flexibility"

April 24, 2024

Explore key strategies for enhancing cost optimization in our on-demand webinar, "Unlocking Cost Optimization: From Visibility to Flexibility," hosted by Heather Westmoreland with guest John Macomber. This session kicks off our Strategy Pain Points series, focusing on identifying and overcoming the hurdles in cost optimization. Key topics include:

  • Cost-Center Visibility: Uncover the common challenges such as lack of granularity, data fragmentation, difficulties in cost allocations, and limited project diversity. Learn practical steps like improving reporting systems and integrating data to enhance financial decision-making.
  • Real-Time Progress Against Forecast: Discover the pitfalls of manual forecasting and inflexible models and explore solutions like automating processes and adopting flexible forecasting models to keep pace with market changes.
  • Flexible Hierarchical Structure: Address the drawbacks of rigid decision-making structures and promote a culture of empowerment and open communication to streamline cost-saving actions.

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