Keeping Employees Happy While Transforming Your Company

December 21, 2019

At Amplify, we've created a strategy execution platform designed to help modern enterprise businesses achieve successful, lasting business transformation. But transforming a major company is a process fraught with difficulties, and one of them is maintaining employee satisfaction even in the midst of change. Happy, motivated employees are key to successfully executing on any change strategy, so if you're currently working to transform your company, here are a few strategies to keep employees happy in the process.Strategies to Keep Employees Happy During Company ChangeBusiness transformation is impossible without employee buy-in, and that requires keeping employees happy even in the midst of transformation. Here are some simple strategies to increase employee happiness during a period of organizational change:

  • Be Transparent: Few things are more frustrating than being subject to a process you don't understand, so make sure you're transparent about the company's overarching vision, goals, and the reason behind the change. If everyone understands what's happening and why, they're more likely to help achieve the desired change.
  • Include Them in the Process: While a large organization requires some top-down management, it's a good practice to include employee input wherever possible. Encourage key initiative stakeholders to incorporate employee feedback into designing and executing the specifics of change-related goals.
  • Recognize & Reward Performance: You know it's important to reward employees for good work, but during a period of business transformation, it's even more important. Seek to recognize and reward employees that are helping to drive change forward, and hold them up as an example that others can follow.

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These tips can help keep spirits high during periods of organizational change, but to make the most of these strategies and effectively execute on change, it's important to have the right tools. Amplify offers a comprehensive platform designed to help enterprise companies achieve their most important organizational goals, and the tools and features of Amplify can help you accelerate progress on change and keep employees happy in the process.

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