Building a Business Transformation Mindset for Your Company

December 16, 2019

At Amplify, our mission is to empower the world's largest companies to achieve their most ambitious strategic goals. Often, that involves a complete transformation of one or more aspects of the business, which is easier said than done. Achieving a successful business transformation depends on a number of factors ranging from the right strategy execution software to effective organizational alignment – but one of the most important parts is building the right mindset for a transformation at every level of the organization.How to Bring Employees Onboard a Business TransformationAll too often, the factor that impedes a business transformation isn't the strategy, the plan, or the approach: it's a simple fact that employees don't fully understand it. When a multinational enterprise corporation embarks on a process of business transformation, the plan is usually crystal clear to leadership and upper management. But as the plan filters down to thousands of employees on the ground, the water gets muddy. This is why internal communications should be at the center of any business transformation plan. While the business and technical aspects are important, employees will be the ones to carry out and enact these changes, which means it's vital that they thoroughly understand the goal, plan, and rationale. These communications can't be an afterthought: effectively communicating change initiatives like these require a full-blown campaign, often with internal communicators needing to think more like digital marketers than HR personnel. Furthermore, it's important to design these communications to reach employees on their own terms. It won't matter how thoroughly or frequently you communicate the initiative if you're doing it in a way that's either inconvenient, difficult to understand, or out of sync with what employees are used to. Employee journeys and experience should dictate how you go about communicating the plan for business transformation.

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While mindset is central to transforming a business, it's still important to have the right tools to design, execute, and measure your strategy and change plan. At Amplify, our business transformation software includes a host of features designed to help you identify your most important goals, create an actionable plan, and effectively communicate it to every employee at your company.

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