Amplify™ vs Wave by McKinsey: Choosing the Right Strategy Execution Management Platform

January 23, 2024

Understanding Strategy Execution Management Platforms

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, the choice of a strategy execution management platform plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational success. These platforms serve as essential companions in navigating the complexities of planning and executing strategies, enabling companies to efficiently articulate, monitor, and realize their strategic objectives. When it comes to selecting the ideal tool to empower your organization Amplify outshines its competition. Discover why Amplify is the ultimate choice for meeting your unique organizational needs and gaining that competitive edge.

Amplify vs. Wave: A Comparative Overview

Amplify and Wave are two strategy execution management platforms that cater to organizations' diverse needs. Let's take a closer look:

  • Amplify: The Flexible Solution
    Amplify is a strategy execution management platform known for its inherent flexibility. It is designed to align seamlessly with an organization's unique methodologies while integrating global best practices. This adaptability makes Amplify an ideal choice for a wide range of businesses, enabling them to customize the platform to their specific needs and processes.
  • Wave: The McKinsey Approach
    Wave, on the other hand, is a product of the renowned consulting firm McKinsey & Company. It is closely aligned with the McKinsey methodology, which, while robust, may not offer the same level of adaptability as Amplify, especially in varying organizational contexts.

Comparative Analysis: Flexibility

Flexibility is a critical attribute in strategy execution management platforms and Amplify excels in this area. Its design enables businesses to mold the tool according to their unique strategies and processes. Wave, while effective, is somewhat rigid, following the McKinsey framework which may not align seamlessly with all organizational structures.

Vendor Independence: Freedom of Choice

Amplify scores high on vendor independence. Clients using Amplify are not restricted to any specific consulting partner, providing them with the freedom to choose a partner that best fits their needs. In contrast, Wave is typically deployed in conjunction with McKinsey's consulting services, potentially leading to a vendor lock-in scenario.

Investment and Scenario Planning: Strategic Decision-Making Capabilities

Investment and scenario planning are crucial for strategic foresight. Amplify offers a comprehensive platform in this regard, enabling organizations to make well-informed strategic decisions. Wave, while capable, does not offer the same breadth of features for scenario planning, which could be a limitation in dynamic business environments.

Workflow Integration: A Holistic Approach

In terms of workflow management, Amplify covers the entire spectrum of the value-delivery life cycle, including benefits tracking, initiative management, KPIs, and stage gates. This holistic approach is advantageous for comprehensive strategy management. Wave’s focus is more narrowed down to the stage-gate process, which might limit its scope in addressing broader strategy management needs.

User Configurability: Empowering Customization

User configurability is another area where Amplify shines. It allows administrators complete control to customize, empowering organizations to adapt it to their specific requirements. This level of autonomy is crucial for businesses seeking to tailor their strategy management processes closely to their operational needs. Wave, in comparison, restricts certain administrative functions, such as adding new users, which could impede the flexibility and autonomy of an organization.

User Interface: Enhancing User Experience

The user interface is a critical component of any software platform, impacting user adoption and productivity. Amplify boasts a modern, intuitive interface that enhances the user experience and eases the adoption process. Feedback from ex-Wave by McKinsey clients suggests that the interface of Wave can be challenging to navigate, potentially affecting user engagement and overall productivity.

Amplify is the Robust Alternative to Wave by McKinsey  

When partnering with McKinsey to refine your operational processes and explore innovative work methodologies, you'll benefit from their expertise in process maturation and identification of new work approaches. However, when it comes to implementing these new ways of working, Amplify emerges as the preferred choice over Wave. Amplify's user-friendly interface and adaptability make it the ideal platform for seamlessly executing and integrating these innovative work methodologies into your organization's operations.

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