Amplify-Now Illustrates Commitment to Sustainability with Save the Manatee Campaign at OPEXWeek in Miami

February 8, 2023

One of the goals Amplify shares in common with our customers is to be more sustainable. If we’re going to help our community track and reduce emissions as they monitor the impact of 100+ initiatives to quantify (and celebrate) their success, it’s important we make the same efforts ourselves. Amplify recently traveled to Miami for OPEXweek, one of the larger business transformation events of the year. We engaged with thought leaders at enterprise companies from all over the world, and learned from case studies and trends presented on stage. We also put our money where our manatee is.

The beginning of the calendar year often represents a chance to set (and evaluate) projects and goals. In addition to reducing our waste (no landfill-bound cheap plastic swag pens for us) we also want to increase our positive impact locally. Yes, people traveling to a central place for a conference generates loads of carbon emissions from travel alone. But we can do more as the visitors of a city than cause traffic and spend money on forgettable meals at familiar chains. We can educate ourselves on where we are, the place we are impacting, and give back to local charities. 

Manatees, also known as the sea cow, are gentle beasts found in Florida’s warm waters. We identified a local non-profit to support and designed a field goal kicking activation around donating to Save the Manatee. We couldn’t have expected just how hyper-local our activation would be, with a pair of manatees right outside the conference center at the Hyatt Regency Miami. For Amplify’s founder Matt, it was his first sighting! We enjoyed chatting about our manatee mascot and the experience proved environmentally sound programs can be fun and help optimize cost at the same time.

The manatees are more than a clever kick start to a conversation with conference goers, they’re representative of the type of value creation we hope to uncover with our community, one activation and initiative at a time. Dozens of people learned to kick a goal (and some taught us a thing or two) while discussing their goals for the year and we are able to donate hundreds of dollars to preserving these local legends.

And because it was such a success, we’re extending the offer. Learn more about Amplify and we’ll double down on our donation.

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