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Post Merger Integration (PMI) Software

Why enterprises are turning to Amplify for post merger integration assistance
Realize synergies and maximize value across the M&A lifecycle
Post merger integration (PMI) planning and execution phases are extremely critical to the success of any M&A (merger and acquisition). A critical element of successful strategy execution of PMI plans is the ability to visualize its program performance across all initiatives to proactively manage and realize maximum benefits, growth opportunities, cost savings and synergies. Amplify’s strategic execution management solution provides a clear line of sight of all your PMI programs with a single source of truth, creating the transparency needed to effectively steer all your transformation initiatives and course correct quickly in case of challenges.  Go beyond merely tracking to effectively measuring outcomes to realize maximum synergies and cost savings. Execute your PMI strategies with proven processes and governance frameworks while driving more effective accountability and alignment across all organizations.

Why use post merger integration software?

It’s estimated that 70-90% of mergers and acquisitions fail, with integration cited as a significant hurdle. Many organizations fail to develop a specific integration strategy, especially in cases where the merging companies know each other well. But according to EY, M&A integration costs can range from 1% to 7% of deal value. So it’s critical that the most value is realized from the integration process so all merger benefits and synergies are realized.

Staffing requirements, risk management, company culture, communications, IT and more must all be planned and executed. For large enterprises, this integration process can involve numerous parties across different time zones and borders. Post merger integration software has an important role to play in mitigating collaboration challenges. Not only that but workflows can be automated, issue notifications made automatic, and program benefits realization accurately forecast and optimized using AI.

That’s where Amplify comes in. Empower your organization with a single source of truth across teams and tools, to successfully plan, manage, and optimize post merger integrations with ease. Amplify’s program management software brings certainty, security and value to post merger integrations.

    Revenue growth

    Have strategic growth targets? Amplify keeps you on track by focusing on outcomes that matter, providing your team with the insights you need to identify and respond to challenges before they impact your bottom line

    • Organic and inorganic growth
    • KPI and lead indicator tracking
    • Accountability by business unit and geography

    Cost optimization

    Have a cost-out target that must be delivered? Amplify provides teams with the ability to track progress against savings targets

    • Cost-centre visibility
    • Real time progress against forecast
    • Flexible hierarchical structure


    To meet the expectations of stakeholders who want transparent disclosure regarding the ESG impact, organizations need to be able to clearly track and report on such impact, and any improvements delivered by sustainability initiatives

    • Non-financial KPI reporting
    • Sustainability strategy tracking
    • Easy export into sustainability reporting

    Post-merger integration

    Need to deliver against ambitious synergy targets? Amplify helps guide intergration tasks, track synergy outcomes and optimize ROI through a single, collaborative platform

    • Dependency management
    • Synergy delivery
    • Scenario planning

    Risk management

    Looking to improve risk visibility, reporting and control? Amplify provides a collaborative, single source of truth to identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor enterprise risks

    • Consolidated risk identification
    • Structured risk assessment
    • Monitor risk mitigation activities

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