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Record Actuals

Record Actuals with Amplify Benefits Realisation Software

Measurement is at the heart of Benefits Realisation; once a quantified benefit has been planned, its progress needs to be monitored.

Measurement schedules can be created and assigned to members of the delivery team. Measure owners receive a prompt on their personal dashboard when an actual is due for recording.

Recording actuals prompts the Amplify computation engine to recalculate the performance metrics for not only the Benefit, but the entire enterprise, updating profile dashboards and alerting systems as it goes.

This provides complete transparency for Benefits Realisation in your organisation.


Amplify Forecast

Amplify Forecast of the Benefit Realisation Process

The Amplify forecast is automatically generated to provide instant feedback on a Benefits Realisation progress. The Amplify forecast uses the following inputs:

  • Measure Performance
  • Schedule Delays
  • Variations in Plan & Future Mode

The Amplify forecast will highlight the value destruction caused by a schedule delay, poor measure performance and significant deviations from the Benefit Realisation plan.


Amplify Index

Amplify Index Performance Metric

The Amplify Index is a percentage based performance metric that quickly highlights Benefits Realisation and program performance issues.

Based on the Amplify Forecast, the Index offers insight by answering the question;

In the current climate, how much of the Benefit are we expecting to receive?


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