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Team Members & Stakeholders

Team Members & Stakeholders

Assembling a delivery team can be done by the owner of the Initiative or in a workshop environment. Assign roles and responsibilities to your team members which determine their access privileges to view and modify data.

All roles and conventions are configurable. Amplify provides a granular and secure access model to protect sensitive information.

Stakeholders fall into two groups, internal & external. Both stakeholder groups can be invited to participate in workshops, and be kept up to date on the performance of their interests.


The Amplify Map contains advanced tools to analyse the relationships between map items. View an initiatives contribution to the strategic plan, and understand which benefits it enables. Prioritise the investments that deliver the most value.

Amplify Map Features:

  • Contribution Analysis
  • Unlimited Map Size
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Navigate Directly to Mapped Items
data capture

Amplify allows for rapid data capture. Record the ideas being discussed directly on the map without having to navigate away. Quickly add map items and record information such as:

  • Relationship to Strategy & Goals
  • Ownership & Responsibilities
  • Detailed Descriptive Information
  • Classification & Category

Amplify Outcome Map

Amplify supports a variety of mapping techniques and can be configured to support many more. Without configuration Amplify supports the following popular mapping techniques.

  • Managing Successful Programs (MSP)
  • Results Chain
  • Strategy Map
  • Investment Logic Map

Business Cases & Components

Business Cases and Components Wireframe

An Amplify Initaitive can be organised into components. Components provide a logical grouping feature that allow for granular planning and transparency. A component can represent anything from a region, business unit or even stakeholder group.

Each component has its own:

  • Delivery Team for access control
  • Map & Pathway allowing for multiple directions and ideas be be explored
  • Reporting Suite & Performance Dashboards for complete visibility

Components can be grouped into options and compared on delivery time, return on investment and risk profile. Options can be recommended and presented in business case development.

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